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Viv Brownrigg

Director of Marketing and Partnerships

Viv has a huge passion for the accounting industry. Fellow Chartered Accountant, co-founder, and director at The Gap, she leads the marketing team, and is known for her wordsmithing, conference building, presenting, and the occasional spark of product brilliance. She has 35 years in this industry under her belt. A partner at 28, she went onto create her own fast-growth firm, founded (and sold) Business Fitness NZ, and in her spare time carved out a niche as thought leader and succession consultant to accountants.

Viv loves her kids, but not nearly as much as her grandchildren. They’re keeping her young at heart. Viv’s de-stress faves: grandchildren sleep overs, extreme word puzzles, yoga, long beach walks, Chardonnay, and her shoe collection. Not together, you understand. These things are mutually exclusive.

“Tell him he’s dreamin."

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