Our people

Jeremy Caughey

Business Analyst & Project Manager
The Gap, Natalie Eady, General Manager

Our resident problem solver, Jeremy left law to join The Gap and explore his creative calling in product. He’s across all ‘Gapplication’ enhancements day-to-day: planning, coordinating development, and testing features. Having worked for 10 years in professional services firms, he brings valuable insights and experiences to improve the user experience.

Jeremy has a unique gift of the gab and has emceed five weddings (despite his propensity for bad dad jokes). He has also led the team to believe he could do a backflip off the ground, although we’re yet to see one. When offline, Jeremy enjoys a family adventure and all types of "non-competitive" water sports.

"Yippie kayak other buckets."

Charles Boyle, Brooklyn 99

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