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The Gap is a complete business advisory platform for purpose-driven accountants.

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Go from compliance to valued advisory partner

We love accounting but believe there's more to life than tax and compliance.

We offer accounting firms and their clients the three freedoms

Time + Mind + Money = Freedom
Time + Mind + Money = Freedom

Our business advisory tools enable accountants to help clients set a plan for a better business, enjoy better cashflow and a better lifestyle.

In 18 months our business advisory revenue went from zero to around 32% which is pretty awesome - and we’re proud of that.

Peter Harris  |  Maisey Harris &Co
Hamilton, New Zealand

What's in it for me?


Deliver fun, fulfilling advisory services to clients and grow your monthly recurring revenue. Become a 'Young Gun' magnet.

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Expand your role and be more client facing. Become a trusted advisor and prepare for ownership


Take the time and cost out of your marketing campaigns. Choose from 450+ marketing assets. Deliver more, for less.