Our people

Sarah Harris

Product Manager
The Gap, Natalie Eady, General Manager

Sarah has a rare gift of explaining complicated stuff in simple terms (without making you feel stupid). Her previous experience in tech support has helped her thrive in Product Management. From validating client suggestions to planning, low fidelity wireframing and solutionising, to speaking tech with the developers - driving excellent product outcomes.

One sustainable sister, Sarah was the first team member with an EV, prioritises purchasing local produce, has worm farming down pat and has a multitude of fruit trees to keep the family well-fed! She loves spending time with her little fam, whether walking the neighbourhood, tending the veggie patch and fruit trees, lazing on the beach or energetically trekking up Papamoa Hills.

I have no idea what I’m doing but I know I do it really, really well.

Andy Dwyer

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