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The Gap & Link

Link adds value to your practice management software

The most advanced practice management solution.

Link integrates with Xero Practice Manager, making it the most advanced practice management solution available.

With real-time capacity planning, intuitive drag-and-drop workflow, and detailed practice reporting, Link provides your team the visibility they have never had.

Link integrates with Xero Practice Manager

Informed decision making with detailed insights.

The Gap & Link insights

Link enables you to easily plan your year ahead with bulk scheduling and interactive capacity insights.

Once allocated, your team can prioritise their work with intuitive drag-and-drop workflow, while viewing capacity in real-time with live updates from Xero Practice Manager.

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Finding Link and connecting to Xero Practice Manager has been like switching the light on to what is happening in our practice.

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Jillian Samways  |  AEGIS Accounting
Sydney, Australia