Our people

Lenny Jenkins

Sustainability Coordinator

Lenny has a Political Science degree from Yale, and is currently preparing to start a Masters degree in Sustainability, Enterprise, and the Environment at Oxford... He is truly passionate about sustainability and the triple bottom line approach to business: People, Profit, Planet. He brings an unrivalled energy and fresh perspective to every project he supports... check out this video for evidence of how much energy he can pour into something he cares about.

A major foodie, when off duty, Lenny can be found indulging in London’s newest restaurants or cooking for his friends and family. To be fair, at 6’7", he needs more food than the average person! He also loves experimenting with nutrition to hone health, wellness, and energy. 

"Society flourishes when old men plant trees in the shade of which they know they'll never sit."

Greek Proverb

We're fun, not funny